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AMSOIL API Performance Improver (PI) Gasoline Additive Concentrate

P.i. improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3% and up to 5.7%. Reduces emissions such as hydrocarbons (HC) up to 15%, carbon monoxide (CO) up to 26% and nitrous oxides (NOx) up to 17%. Restores power and performance. Reduces the need for costly higher octane fuel.

AMSOIL ACB Diesel Cetane Boost

A performance concentrate that delivers maximum results. Raises the cetane number of diesel fuel up to seven points for maximum horsepower, increased fuel economy and easier starts in all diesel engines. AMSOIL Diesel Cetane Boost makes no sacrifices; it is purpose-built for diesel owners who demand maximum results.

Diesel Power Challenge 2014

The Diesel Power Challenge is a grueling test of torque, horsepower and mayhem. Nine  trucks are put through the ringer through a seven-event torture test that includes a dyno shootout, quarter-mile drag race, eighth-mile trailer tow, trailer obstacle course, ride and drive, fuel economy test, and sled pull.

AMSOIL V-Twin Torture Test

A 2012 Harley Street Bob is put through some of the most extreme heat testing at the AMSOIL Mechanical Test Facility in an effort to see if  and when AMSOIL 20W-50 motorcycle oil could fail. Temps rose to 550 degrees, well above the average temp of 280-300 degrees. Watch to see how the oil held up after the extreme testing.